Featured Personal Trainer – Edson L – Bayshore, NY

02/12/2015 by Kevin Ringling

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First, Last Name: Edson L

Location: Bayshore, NY

Are you a certified personal trainer: yes Cert. NASM

What is  your personal trainer contact info:

IG: fitnesseducation07

Email: rockaballa05@gmail.com email

How often do you work out: 4 times a week

What type of works do you do and what are your daily routine: Cross fit, boxing, very little weight training. Goal is to tone not bulk

Which gyms do you go to: Big Als family fitness Work at NYSC

What does your diet consist of: Greens every other day, PeanutButter, olive oil, fish oil, grilled chicken, Asperagus, fruits etc plenty of water

Do you have any tattoos: Yes. Covered

If so how many: Lost count.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo: 17

What is your least favorite tattoo and why: None. Love them all

What is your favorite tattoo: Boxing gloves. Was my first love ever. Start at 14 years old. And my “Rip Mama” with rose tattoo. Grandma/GodMother passed away in 2011 of August in Dominican Republic.

Social Media:
Edson Lacrete(facebook)
Instagram: @fitnesseducation07
Twitter: @inked_mvp.
Model Mayhem: #3459155

What do you want the world to know about your gym life: Hard work dedication discipline. Beastmode.

Tips, pointers, suggestions for anyone looking  to work out: If you choose this life be all in or not at all.





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