Featured Fitness Model – Tania Delva – Nanuet,NY

05/31/2016 by Kevin Ringling

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Tania Delva 1First, Last Name: Tania Delva

Location: Nanuet,NY

Are you a certified personal trainer: I’m currently in the processes of being certified by NASM You can always contact me via

Email: TaniaDBB84@Gmail.com

Instagram: Tania_To_Classy

How often do you work out: I workout 6 days a week

What is your daily routine: I work for stop and shop and I’m a mother of Twins.

I start of my day with a fasted workout. Come home get my twins ready for school and on the bus then get myself ready for work. Come home and get my kids and get them prepared for the following day.

Which gyms do you use: I go to 24 hour fitness in Nanuet. It’s a great atmosphere with get people to learn from.

I just eat carbs on specific days when I’m lifting heavy…. So I eat the crabs 3 days a week and the other 4 days are high protein meals.

Tania Delva 7

Do you have tattoos: Yes I do have tattoos

How many tattoos do you have: I have 4

How old were you when you got your first tattoo: I was 17 when I got my first lol young wild and free.

What is your least favorite tattoo: My shoulder blade I was very young and didn’t put any thought into it before getting it. Theses things are forever

What is your favorite tattoo and why: My left inner wrist. It’s the Chinese symbol for strength a memorial of my dad who past away and the daily hustle of life.


Transformation: Only 3 years ago I was well over 300 pounds. So sometimes the reflection looking back at me doesn’t look familiar but it’s me. I earned her. 3 years ago I was at a very low point in my life and I was tired of all the negativity around me. I was tired of just being ok with anything because I wasn’t ok with anything. Coincidently someone I knew was going through a healthy lifestyle change and I trusted the process. I wanted a lasting weight loss journey so

I knew I HAD to teach myself first how to eat again the right way and make better choices. Secondly i had to learn how to deal with my emotions instead of eating my emotions and of course thirdly getting active. The more I conquered my day the higher my esteem got. I believed I could do it. Every workout I didn’t feel like doing I remember what I deserved. God is good because from not knowing anything in regards to working out everytime it was time to level up God would send me the right person to help. We all start as beginners. Now looking back I couldn’t even hold a run for longer then 3 mins and now I run for fun. Something that I once couldn’t do, I worked hard to finally do and when you do this consistently you develop a great confidence in yourself that nobody in the world can give to you. So the person that looks back at you in the mirror isn’t what’s important anymore but what’s in the mind of that person. The growth. The journey. All those mountains. That’s what keeps me going too because you just can’t go back from that. From this. Just get better with yourself. It’s truly a beautiful lifestyle.

What do you want the world to know about your fit life: I just want everyone to know that you can do whatever you want in this life as long as u put your mind to it. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel small. Whatever God put in your heart is there because you can do it and the only thing in the world that can stop you is you. Weight loss is a result of a healthy mindset. Weightless is a result of self love. No matter how many meal plans u get or workout regiments you if you thing u don’t deserve it you won’t do it. It starts with believing you deserve it. Your worthy.

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