Featured Fitness/Tattoo Model – Sal Russolillo – Bronx, NY

01/25/2016 by Kevin Ringling

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Sally Walnutz 2First, Last Name: Sal Russolillo AKA Sally Walnutz

Location: Bronx NY

Are you a certified personal trainer: No

How often do you work out: 5-6 days a week depending on how my body feels and work.

What type of works do you do and what are your daily routine: Everyday I focus on a body part . Monday chest , Tuesday back , Wednesday legs, Thursday shoulders Friday arms .. Sat and Sunday abs and touch ups .. Sometimes I throw in arms and calves after every workout and make sure I always do at least 100 push ups and 7 sets of pull-ups a day !!!

Which gyms do you go to:  Xtreme fitness in mount Vernon, NY and Dolphin fitness in the Bronx, NY.

What does your diet consist of: Right now I am bulking so mostly beef chicken rice pasta and cheat meals …

Do you have any tattoos: Absolutely.

If so how many: Basically my whole body !! And not stopping any time soon. My tattoos tell my life story.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo: 18

What is your least favorite tattoo and why: I don’t have any ..

What is your favorite tattoo: the main center piece of my back for my mother ! It quotes ” Mom, there but for the grace of God go I .. I love you ”

Social Media:
Instagram : @TEAMWALNUTZ

Facebook : Sally Walnutz

Facebook : Teamwalnutz fitness apparel

Facebook : Sally Walnutz up & coming fitness model

What do you want the world to know about your gym life: The gym is my life .. It’s my way of escaping the world of reality .. To me there is nothing better then Bettering yourself . The gym dictates determination and dedication in yourself !! To me nothing in this world is better then the feeling of working out due to the fact that it’s all what you put in, you work hard you get what you want ! You can’t cheat this shit it will show !!


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