Featured Tattoo Model – Inkiz_Inmy_Lungz – Los Angeles, CA

02/26/2015 by Kevin Ringling

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wpid-image.jpegFirst, last Name: Deshawn Reeves

Location: Los Angeles, CA

How many tattoos do you have: I lost count a while ago but it’s over 100

How old were you when you got your first tattoo: I was about 13 and I really wanted to know what it was like to have one so I went and got a chicks name thinking I was cool and that’s where it all started.

What’s is your favorite and least favorite tattoo: My favorite tattoo is the letter “A” I have on my face it represents a very special person. And my least favorite has to be the “stick up kid I have on my upper left shoulder.

What do your tattoos mean:
My tattoos represent every up and down situation I’ve encountered throughout my life. They represent family, strength, love, determination.

Social media:
Instagram: @inkiz_inmy_lungz

What do you want the world to know about your ink and life: It’s not about how many tattoos u have and where they are it’s about being yourself and expressing yourself in a positive way and to me tattoos can be a getaway from life for a couple hours I think of it like therapy.





2 thoughts on “Featured Tattoo Model – Inkiz_Inmy_Lungz – Los Angeles, CA

  1. Kelly Muñoz

    This my boy right here, done a few of my tattoo’s and what can I say? I have never been dissapointed or unhappy with any of them, top hands one of the few tattoo artist I would actually go back to! Keep up the hard work, I know you definitely have a great future ahead of you with your work!

  2. trestine williams

    Love this guy n his art.. didn’t really hve any tattswhen we met… look at you now luv!!!!
    You are a very meticulous personal tattoo artist I’m proud of u and ur work keep it up!!!


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