Featured – Tattoo Artist – Andrew “Tat2Dru” Stone – Royal Skins Designs – Indianapolis, Indiana

01/17/2017 by Kevin Ringling

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First, Last Name: Andrew “Tat2Dru” Stone

Shop Name & Location: Royal Skin Designs Indianapolis, Indiana

Contact info: AndrewMStone2101@gmail.com Call/Text 317.213.1228

When did you start tattooing: 2010

Who was your first client, what type of tattoo did you do: A friend of mine I grew up with, I tattooed both his hands “Dead” and right and “End” on the left

How long have you been doing tattoos: bout 5 years 1 year professionally

Describe your style of tattooing: don’t really have one I love tattooing script and cartoon characters

Do you have any tattoos & how many: Yes I do, and I have no idea… 2 arm sleeves 2 leg sleeves chest, stomach, side, neck… everywhere except my back

What inspired you to start tattooing: I’ve been drawing since I could remember, I used to get in trouble for drawing Master P’s ice cream man tattoo in school

Who or what are your influences: My grandmother was an awesome painter and I recently pick that up as well

Have you done any cover ups, how many have you done: I’ve done a few, not a fan of them I’d rather have a clean arm to work on

What do you want the world to know about your tattoo life and any advice you can give to the aspiring tattoo artist: I tattoo because I love the art, never been about the money… I strive to become one of the best. I would tell any new artist just to draw draw draw, find a tattoo artist that can teach you how to tattoo the correct way.


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