GrindTime Inc – Tattoo Artist – DMV

08/05/2017 by Kevin Ringling

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First, Last Name: Nate (Gumby) Grimes

Shop Name & Location: Mobile right now(GrindtimeInc)

Contact info:

IG: Grindtime_inc86 or Grindtimeinc_tattoos

When did you start tattooing: 4yrs ago [from the the publishing of this article in 2017] (2013)

Who was your first client, what type of tattoo did you do: My big brother. I did a skull on his arm.

Describe your style of tattooing: I really don’t have a specific style, but I love black and grey shades. I’m trying to learn new school and other styles to get out of my comfort zone.

Do you have any tattoos & how many: Yes, I have 80 plus tattoos over my body.

What inspired you to start tattooing: My father inspired me to start tattooing.

Who or what are your influences: Family.

Have you done any cover ups, and if so, how many have you done: Yes,  I’ve done a nice number of cover ups. I actually stopped counting.

(above images circa: 2017)

What do you want the world to know about your tattoo life and what is any advice you can give to the aspiring tattoo artist: My tattoo life has taught me a lot and it gives you great discipline. Any aspiring artist out there, just know, if you wanna do it, then go do it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.


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