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Pyper Nikole – Tattoo Model – DMV (Maryland)

First, Last Name: Pyper Nikole

Location: Maryland (DMV)

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Quinn Callis – Fitness Feature – California

First, Last name: Quian Callis / QFitChick

Location:  Northern California

How often do you work out:  9 times  a week.

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Jimmy Inks – Tattoo Artist – Bergenfield, NJ

First, Last Name: Jimmy Ingram

Shop Name & Location: Underskin Art, Bergenfield, NJ

Contact info: email jimmyinkz7@gmail.com /  instagram @jimmyinks

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Kelleen MzPiiinkvibez Weakland – Tattoo Model – Nashville, Tennessee 

First, Last Name: Kelleen Weakland

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Featured Tattoo Artist – Jason Phillips / Detroit Ink Spot – Detroit, MI


Jason Phillips 4First, Last name: Jason Phillips

Shop Name & Location: Detroit Ink Spot
19845 W. McNichols
Detroit, MI 48228

Contact info: Shop: 313 202-9737

When did you start tattooing: 2011

Who was your first client, what type of  tattoo did you do: One of my best friends, P.
It was the Detroit Tigers logo with the tiger coming out the “D”.

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