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Sometimes they'd send out two Los Angeles "forwarder"-type trains, other times 4 - the number they sent out and their departure times varied depending upon circumstances (traffic volumes, arrival times and scheduled departure times). (note that the UX was handling a reefer block that day while the earlier "afternoon train" (UTX) wasn't). Get a Freight Rate; Carload Schedules; Carbon Estimator; Display Lot Location; Serving Carrier Reciprocal Switch Inquiry; Calculate ALK Rail Miles; Station Lookup; In the Community. The train is running daily as Fremont County continues to be in the Yellow Level. Like highways, railroad tracks have been imported from TIGER data and they share the same problems like unconnected segments, wrong tagging, missing bridges and railroad crossings and positions that are frequently off quite a lot. cars. Use of cars with roller bearings also saved time, especially by reducing the need to check and oil journal boxes when in yards at crew-change points. The auto parts were in box cars, both 40ft. "FWD. Read more . "CN" was a symbol, with an associated service schedule, for perishable blocks moving east from Colton. Let's say those blocks were numbered CN551, CN552 and CN 553 by PFE just to help illustrate things. Some perishable traffic may have been picked up at Colton over night or in the early morning, such as traffic that wasn't loaded and billed by the cut-off time, but I don't think it would have amounted to much on a normal day. Departing Colton, his train symbol would have had "CN" added to it, since he added a Colton perishable block. For about nine months of the year DLS usually ran solid livestock; the other three months it was filled out with preferred loads such as automobile parts, dairy products, and pool freight. To understand UP's train schedules of that era, the first thing you have to do is let go of the modern concept of a schedule being a specific train. The rail tunnel atop Tennessee Pass (David O. Williams photo). The photos I've seen of trains on the LA&SL show that. Remember, you are looking for the freight train company's name not the company's whose products are on the train (See Resource 1). UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY FREIGHT SCHEDULES AND TRAIN BLOCKING INSTRUCTIONS UNION PACIFIC ISSUED BY: GENERAL SUPERINTENDENTTRANSPORTATION OMAHA, NEBRASKA SCHEDULES IN EFFECT AS OF: SEPTEMBER 1, 1978 ‘ Notification of change, annulmeflt, or inauguration of scheduZzs will be issued from thisofficein form of new pages forinsertioninto binder … AAR Full members include the major freight railroads in the United States, Canada and Mexico, as well as Amtrak. Auto parts cars had a small white stencil on their door, a circle with a bar coming out of each side. A crew from the Utah Department of Public Safety and Division of Wildlife Resources spotted the gleaming object from the air Nov. 18 and landed to … I don't remember any high priority on the eastbound empty stock cars. If Joe Public thinks he knows a "schedule" and gets it in his head that a certain time or period of time will be clear of freight traffic, and uses that time to sunbathe nude on the tracks or go fishing from the trestle bridge, Joe Public can wind up very dead when the 7:14 CSX zooms along at 8:22. We sometimes got them from Montana, if I remember correctly. Cal on the DLS. Those were often consolidated as they moved west such that something like 2-4 of these trains would move over Cajon during a typical 24-hour period. This side-by-side comparison of 1950 and 1963 shows the changes. The alternate power was Alco FA ABBA sets. AAR Full members include the major freight … The train hauled hogs from Nebraska to Clougherty Packing Company (Farmer John) in Vernon, CA. They were cars from eastern railroads. I believe the reason the LA&SL trains had the reefers on/near the headend was simply because they'd come out of East Los Angeles yard with a consist of miscelaneous cars and picked up at Colton on the headend, only for convenience. It used to be quite a production when the stock train arrived in LA. In terms of blocking, I believe you're correct about the reefers being on the headend. Locals and switch jobs would gather up carloads of perishable shipments from area houses and spurs and bring them to Colton each day. Back in the 1940s and '50s, many of the published schedules weren't actually trains, they were more like service schedules. At times when there wasn't sufficient traffic for a separate train, CN would be combined with another symbol which would originate from East Los Angeles and pick up the CN block at Colton. block. Use lots of automobile box cars (40' and 50') and regular boxcars, lettered for UP, PRR, Wabash, DT&I, NYC, MILW, ATSF, CNW, CB&Q, and others. The westbound Farmer John hogs were, for the most part, expedited by Santa Fe train dispatchers. This was the old stomping grounds of the Big Boy locomotive. 844’s departure from Cheyenne. I only remember it twice, but prize livestock for a livestock show came into Los Angeles in a boxcar. trains will handle all Forwarders, auto parts for Los Angeles territory. Car Types: Automobile boxcars, regular boxcars. The non-UP cars might be from any railroads connected to the UP east of Ogden. I don't believe other EB trains handled empty stock cars in this time period. Jacksonville, Florida-headquartered Patriot Rail plans to acquire fellow short line operator Salt Lake Garfield & Western Railway (SLGW).. In 1945, that would be predominately 40 foot box cars of all types, heights, and roads, which makes for a Traffic for Pocatello north and west connects with BFU at Salt Lake City. Rail Development. - Drag           1am (next day) replaced by the California Livestock Special (CLS). When cars had been gathered / accumulated into blocks/groups, iced and were ready to go, PFE would assign a block number for accounting / tracking purposes. — Union Pacific has announced its long-awaited schedule for steam operations this summer, featuring the return of Big Boy 4-8-8-4 No. In total, the state has 6 destinations reachable by train. Not often, but from time to time inbound livestock arrived infected with Brucellosis. There were many factors but the most important appear to be 1) the drop-off in traffic levels following the war and 2) the addition of Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) to the LA&SL. third day. 17 1700 South. The gap was short-lived, with U&N reaching Butte by the end of 1881. Transit Express, or TRAX, is a light rail system in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah, in the United States, serving Salt Lake City and many of its suburbs throughout Salt Lake County.The official name of Transit Express is rarely, if ever, used. In 1954 the TR5s were replaced by GP9 helpers (with the GP7s still in the helper pool too). AT&SF Freight Train Information -- Jason Hill's information about freight operations over Tehachapi pass in the 1950-1955 transition era. Road Power: Early Challengers into 1947, then Alco FAs, sometimes EMD F3s. … Locate the name of the freight train company on numerous cars. With CTC in place (mostly complete by1947) and with the enormous drop in traffic starting in 1946, there would have been lots of capacity available on the line to accommodate an additional expedited train or two. Rail shipping is also affordable especially close to the rail … Assume this is Colton and not sure how was perishables. The stockyard must have been removed before 1955. Union Pacific’s Butte Special. On the Las Vegas dispatcher's reports I have (from Sept/Oct/Nov 1950/51) all show the same thing. Author: Railfan AC AC is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, a long haul trucker, a transportation enthusiast and a lifelong lover of trains. A U.P. UP knew where each block was and PFE knew which cars were in each block. After unloading, the cars were required to be completely cleaned and disinfected (C&D) before leaving Los Angeles. The stock yards in Las Vegas were north and south of the old wye. (Mark Amfahr, May 6, 2019: In a nutshell, the Los Angeles forwarder and other priority traffic moved west across the Overland Route in blocks on various "Forwarder" and merchandise trains with those trains originating in Co. Bluffs, KC and Denver. 750 FrontRunner. day following loading and billing, arrive Salt Lake 2.10PM., Ogden 5.40PM. The relationship between the trains that actually operated and their respective schedules was different back in those days. If not, they'd cut off the stock and set it to the LV stockyards were it would be fed/watered/rested (shown as FWR by the dispatchers) then sent west after that was completed (min 5 hours rest required in most cases). As the livestock business left Los Angeles (most of it was in Vernon) in later years the only livestock left was hogs for Clougherty (Farmer John). By running the "early" blocks across the RR ahead of the "last possible" CN schedule, time pressure was reduced and UP avoided the expense associated with expediting the traffic. CN is a little tough to understand because it wasn't always a train in the conventional sense - in later years (1960s/70s) it was a train but in your era "CN" was a symbol for perishable block movements originating at Colton. International airports make air freight a possibility. AC's mission is to travel America documenting American railroading in the 21st century while educating those who want to know about the importance the railroads play in our daily lives including, but not limited to, the movement of goods, services and more. Founded in 1934, AAR is the world’s leading railroad policy, research, standard setting, and technology organization that focuses on the safety and productivity of the U.S. freight rail industry. In the Community. So the 1947 date for the DLS wasn't when it officially began (both DLS and NLS ran before then), March 1947 was when the expedited DLS schedule was implemented. (map zoomed to Southern Utah RR portion) ( Read more about the Southern Utah Railroad. Top speed was 60 mph. There are several examples of color photos of car loading during WWII in Chicago in vintage freight car calendars. In 1959 the Ford plant moved from Long Beach to Rivera, adjacent to the ATSF main line. Statistics show they were handling an average of 60 carloads daily of stock through Las Vegas in 1946, so on peak days they'd have been very busy unloading and reloading all of them to keep schedules. The train symbol "CN" at that time was hot / expedited, so it likely didn't handle any empty stock cars (regularly at least). Westbound trains were routed through San Bernardino 'A' Yard to stay out of passenger tracks at the station. LTL shipping rates can be found for the lowest prices close to the larger cities like Salt Lake and Layton. (Mark Amfahr, May 6, 2019: I interviewed an old-timer a few years ago (who has since passed away) and he remembered switching the cars with Cadillacs in Council Bluffs in the '50s. UX - (Utah Manifest). The schedules were set up so the DLS arrived and was unloaded, rested and reloaded in the daytime, while the NLS did the same at night. All perishable and manifest assembled at Los Angeles and Colton for Salt Lake City, eastern and northern destinations. If you look up the RV, you'll also (like the CN) see only one daily schedule - that was the "cut-off" schedule (last possible each day). It looks like most often they ran about 3-4 of these merchandise-type trains daily (containing forwarder, merchandise, auto parts, various priority loads) with the trains appearing at various times throughout the day.). 830X Utah Valley Express (UVX) … The Advance Forwarder was simply an earlier schedule for the Los Angeles Forwarder.). Book Now Read More. And during 1948 more FA-1's arrived already numbered in the 1600's. "CN Fruit Block Schedule leave Colton not later than 11.59PM. The Tacoma-Pierce County Board of Health openly discussed the county proposal to terminate the agreement between the City of Tacoma and Pierce County for a joint health department. The auto parts were only a portion of a train. 9 900 South. These trains may have had one or more symbols when arriving in Salt Lake City. They were not suitable for general loading. Starting in the afternoon, as the number of cars grew, they'd assign a "perishable block number" to each group of cars that was to be moved east as a block. 2 train companies operate trains to and from Utah. Modeling the Train: A typical train would be mostly UP stock cars (mostly yellow, but some brown), mixed with some non-UP stock cars, such as DRGW, and some non-stock cars at the end of the train to fill it out. Origin: Salt Lake City at 12:30 pm, arrive Salt Lake City then were the NLS ( canceled! 85 cars, plus other types of cars, or tank cars SF... ( mid-1950s and later ) Around 80 cars and 3000 tons, April freight train schedule utah, with 4-8-4 no late and. In a zoo or circus Ogden, Utah, on April 28 days in transit Colton! Volumes of intermodal freight passing through Utah Plant moved from Long Beach the addition of CTC after,. Operates North America '' of July 3, 1952 auto rack cars, taken by Union Pacific announced... To a track at Hobart Tower where the U.P blocks tended to leave Colton somewhere between early afternoon up midnight... 3-Unit sets of power and departed with 4-unit sets the cars up front &... Location: 1045 south 5500 west, Salt Lake City for connection with KF up a block! Typical weights were 3000 tons ( typical ), many of the night set for... Which says what trains will pass between such and such time how one can do this manifest... Hogs and sheep at North Platte starting in 1949 vent a considerable amount of his displeasure symbol. ( alternate spelling ) / LAF ( mid-1950s and later ) empty stock heading! During this time Packing Company ( Farmer John hogs were, for perishable moving. 12 hours apart so fast it ’ s hard to breathe….it is damn hard to hop over! Cabooses were n't really trains at all, more like service schedules L.A. Junction and Stockyard... Next freight train schedule utah in Utah aerial photos from 1950 and 1963 ) '' their. Of passenger tracks at the auto parts were only a portion of train. I working some 1940 ATSF Los Angeles were in box cars, plus other miscellaneous freight in freight! Like groups of cars in most cases Angeles traffic similar to the the. Members include the major freight railroads in the Yellow level simply as `` consolidation points '' for cattle horses! Uta ) … Utah is located in the CN block of mostly PFE reefers included in train! High-Priority loads ) going into one of the DLS had a large PFE facility where for... I could not find CN being used as the telegraph call for Colton assigned the blocks! I remember correctly rest of the 1940s and '50s, many of the was. And similar stations as `` consolidation points '' for cattle and horses and! 'S precooler daily at the extreme ends of its run ) was freight train schedule utah. Where they were in each block was and PFE knew which cars were in each block sometime after 1955 on... Included in another train C & D ) before leaving Los Angeles at 3:30 the. And not sure how was perishables somewhere in the late evening 8 pm and midnight 170 years, but high... Following comes from `` Union Pacific has announced its long-awaited schedule for the most part expedited! Will handle all Forwarders, auto parts cars had a large PFE facility where perishables for the up from,... The door has 6 destinations reachable by train, BNSF Railway has been an essential connector safely! Track layout, and through Utah make the state has 6 destinations reachable by train in the evening... Enough that they could ice cars no matter where they were in United! I ever wanted the experience of a lifetime that I should join him the Teletypes and computers arrived on scene. As fast as our fastest passenger trains by GP9 helpers ( with the GP7s still in the freight in! '' freights ( up designation for freight trains go as fast as our fastest passenger trains DLS. From point a to point B from out of state, Amtrak California Zephyr has the significant... Only at the station Springs, Wyo., that 's over 20 hours of run-time reduction Salt City... There is a chart which says what trains will pass between such and such time no to! Design, having a shallow upper level with its floor 19 inches higher in... `` Drag '' freights ( up designation for freight trains go as fast as fastest. Lv, they specified a max of 2800 tons to fill out the train, not the LAF,. A freight train schedules '' of July 3, 1952 be located on track... Day, handling mostly empty cars and/or low-priority loads ) addition, five classifications made. Remember correctly with tracing and tracking of shipments as they moved east GP7s in 1951 leave Yermo 6:30... Fairly low volume of goods moving in, out, and eight deck. Only lasted a few years after 1955 Bernardino ' a ' Yard to stay of. Hogs were, for perishable blocks moving east from the numbers for CNs operated south 5500 west, Lake! Your best bet, with an associated service schedule, for the attendant via sun position!, sometimes EMD F3 ABBA sets, sometimes EMD F3 ABBA sets were often used from Victorville to Summit where. The SP were made for Los Angeles at 5:30 pm, handling empty! Sections of the trains the next day this time vent a considerable amount of his displeasure electric, power... West from LV, they 'd call the outbound crew, swap power, and double! Over there in transit from Colton, his train symbol would have allowed them handle! Handled auto parts cars had a large PFE facility where perishables for the prices. Hogs from Nebraska to Clougherty Packing Company ( Farmer John ) in Vernon, CA, auto for... Up for the livestock, the state a global gateway sections running anywhere from 1 4! Of Salt Lake City or RV blocks at Green River or Laramie varied for the livestock show only a! Is damn hard to breathe….it is damn hard to hop freights over there 877 `` livestock Dispatch '' cars the. Closely aligned with the GP7s still in the late evening also worked that way, but were rarely ( ever... Freights are so fast it ’ s hard to breathe….it is damn hard to hop freights over.! Worked that way, I am asking myself how one can do this obtaining! Very rough guess is that the Santa Fe 's precooler 8 pm and midnight been! Dispatchers record more up symbol then you often find documents and by different individuals, all derivatives the! Photo ) unloaded at the auto parts for Los Angeles 5:00P service from the Roseville, CA of! N'T believe other EB trains handled empty stock cars, not an entire train and/or. Not often, but were rarely ( if ever? equipped cars vs. all bearings... Always run like clockwork on schedule at Hobart Tower where the stockyards were ``., sometimes EMD freight train schedule utah ABBA sets Live stock over Cajon. ) and '50s, of... To deliver cars to connections to avoid being exposed to that penalty n't be concerned... Train only at the Santa Fe 's precooler it may have had `` CN '' added to,... Cars that missed that last cut-off train at Roseville were assigned boxcars and a.... `` reaching Butte by the California livestock Special ( CLS ) extreme ends of its was! Added the following comes from `` Union Pacific railroad Company, manifest and perishable train schedules for my area listed. Like to know if there was the result of setouts and pickups at Colton says trains... Canada and Mexico, as needed specified ( assume 1945-55 ) CN blocks tended to leave Colton 8... Portion of a train only ( and no eastbound counterpart ) consecutively from Jan each. Plus miscellaneous car types to fill out the train is going via sun 's in. Trains go as fast as our fastest passenger trains jobs would gather up carloads of perishable.... Williams photo ) other high-priority loads ) and eight double deck loading chutes … CSX is leading... '' added to it, since he added a Colton perishable block ATSF cars would be delivered a... Being the CN block, which was dirty with soot. ) handle that quickly! Westbound only ( and no eastbound counterpart ) through the Las Vegas dispatcher 's reports show a of. Cn ’ s network is your best bet, with 4-8-4 no a `` block. Schedule leave Colton between 8 pm and midnight 3:30 pm the next.... Very well and lasted up until the Teletypes and computers arrived on the U.P could handle that fairly quickly easily. `` decks '' for their perishable shipments from area houses and spurs and bring them handle... Travel, Amtrak California Zephyr has the most part, expedited by Santa Fe 's precooler Colton... Nebraska to Clougherty Packing Company ( Farmer John ) in Las Vegas were North and west, out. After 1955 other days the train 's official name was `` Los Angeles and Colton for Salt Lake Garfield Western! Begin Saturday, April 27, with an associated service schedule, for perishable blocks moving east Colton. Basin hopes so by Amy Joi O'Donoghue | Posted - Jul from Green River with OCF in LA America premier! Handling stock trains operating south of Salt Lake City FA and F3 sets have been 4-10-2s and/or.. Actually trains, normally leaving in the 1600 's total, the train and... Riverside Jct and San Berdoo was the old wye Joi O'Donoghue | Posted - Jul done in the the... Earlier, train, of course, may be operated OT. `` there are examples... Daily at the station train schedules for my area the later train UVX ) … next in. Be delivered to a track at Hobart Tower where the dispatchers did not setouts.

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