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January 25, 2004 Surry County, IN: LOWGAP A 14-year-old Surry County girl was mauled by a tiger kept in a cage behind the family’s trailer and seriously injured less than two months after a tiger killed a 10-year-old boy at his uncle’s home 40 miles away in Wilkes County.  They have a lightning fast and powerful slap that can put out an eye or cause other real damage. An employee required hospital treatment for a fractured pelvic bone and bruised rib when the lion charged and knocked her down as she attempted to shoot the animal with a tranquilizer dart. If you are planning on getting a serval or any other exotic cat for a pet or know some one who is, then you must have this book. Most animals in her situation don’t end up getting placed like she did. April 7, 2004 Knoxville, TN: A woman’s pet bobcat escaped from her home in East Knoxville. Servals are Not Pets 242 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Believe That Lying Breeder . Tahan was sedated with a tranquilizer dart about two miles away from the game farm after she broke through the roof of her cage. No owner has come forward. August 19, 2004 Punta Gorda, FL: (AP) Two lions were running down Highway 17 in the aftermath of Hurricane Charley. Serval cats are known for being solitary animals and they roam over most of the African continent south of the Sahara desert. Doctors closed the cuts with about a dozen stitches. These cats are banned in this area and even after the media has shown their pictures all over T.V. If it is legal to own a serval where you live, and you are looking for a reputable source to adopt or buy a serval, contact the Feline Conservation Foundation for more information. August 21, 2003 Whetstone Township, OH: A chained 180-pound “pet” cougar snapped his collar, escaped, and attacked a neighbor’s dog, causing more than 100 lacerations. The tiger climbed a car, jumped over a fence, headed down an alley, frightened employees at a nearby restaurant, and was recaptured 10 minutes later.  100s of people witness Chad ‘s escape. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. They can be affectionate but require patience and a gentle hand in training. Sorry sweetheart, you’re not special anymore. African serval cats are not on the endangered species list. The child is now a quadriplegic and on a respirator due to the severe injuries to his spinal cord and brain. Welcome to the real world, where you can’t always get everything you want. Although they are true wild cats, they have been officially bred in captivity for more than thirty years now. The leopard bit her on the head, nearly tearing off her ear and ripping the flesh from her scalp. These wild cats are not much bigger than a medium-size dog… Oct. 4, 2003 New York, NY: A 400-pound tiger, along with a 5-foot alligator, was found in a New York apartment owned by Antoine Yates. August 1, 2005 Brit Spaugh Zoo, KS: Bart the cougar walked through an open door on his cage in the North American section of the zoo and came face to face with a family.  Servals hunt fish by slapping them hard enough to knock them senseless. Like many other species of felid, servals are occasionally kept as pets, although their wild nature means that ownership of servals is regulated in most countries. April 21, 2005 Branson, MO: Animal control officials are trying to track a black panther that apparently has been roaming southwest Missouri . hide. Mar. At this time the declawed Serval is still on the loose with only domestic pets to feed on since she is incapable of capturing real prey. Free Online. January 28, 2005 Toronto, Canada: A stripper mauled by a tiger in a Canadian safari park sued for $8,000,000.00 in damages (winning 838k) because her scars meant she could no longer work. Mar. Breeding stock arrived in the U.S. over a century ago and you may find serval cats that are many generations removed from African imports. November 10, 2004 Gentry, AR: A tiger pulled the flesh off the right middle finger of Angela Pruitt, 36, of Vian, OK at the Wild Wilderness Drive Thru Safari. After the attack, Anthony Barone chained up the lynx, until it strangled to death. The lion severely wounded his hand. Available as ebook or book on February 9, 2004 New Orleans, LA:  A leopard the family had raised from a cub attacked his owner. The 40-pound (18-kilogram) serval cat has been found safe and sound after escaping from his home on Wednesday, Sept. 9, and spending days in … “I had a tiger that used July 30, 2004 Queens, NY: 450 pound Cole Brothers Circus Tiger belonging to Adriatic Animal Attractions Escapes in New York. The African Serval Cat which is a native of africa ( Scientific name Leptailurus serval) is a medium-sized African wild cat native to sub-Saharan Africa. August 14, 2003 St. Louis, MO: A cheetah at the St. Louis Zoo escaped from her enclosure–by going through a 12-foot wide moat and over a 12-foot high wall–and walked among visitors before being recaptured. The ruling says there were not adequate methods of tranquilization available at the facility. June 6, 2005 Johnson City, TN: A bobcat escaped after his owner died and is being sent to a wildlife rehabilitator in Unicoi county. In the wild, they are solitary and cover a home territory of four to 12 square miles. March 22, 2003 Red Wing, MN: A 5-month-old, 40-pound tiger cub at Grant Oly’s Tiger Zone grabbed and bit a pregnant woman on the wrist, causing a puncture wound, and bit a 16-year-old girl. By the time the serval is fully grown, he may not even recognize the pets he grew up with as friends. Because these cats have wild animal instincts, they can be dangerous if a pet parent doesn’t understand the cat, its needs, housing and activity requirements, etc. References How much do Serval cats cost? Savannah cat or Serval Cat is a nocturnal animal that is not social and can never be completely tame even if it is hand reared from infancy. Sighting of the tiger walking along the road and through a park causes multi-car accident that resulted in injuries to four adults and a child. July 14, 2004 Little Falls, MN: A 22-year-old woman was bitten by an African lion when she stuck her hand into a cage while visiting a private collection of pet exotic cats kept at an auto dealership owned by Chuck Mock. In 1983, tragedy struck when a 250-pound tiger killed Pearson’s 2-year-old son. You will need to have a plan in place for someone to care for your serval cat if you take a vacation, need a break, or develop your own health problems. The Department of Fish and Game also seized 13 tiger and leopard cubs, ranging in age from a few weeks to a few months. April 8, 2004 Long Island, NY: Suffolk County Police are Looking For Exotic Cat On Long Island . Other zoo visitors and employees have been jumped on and bitten by tigers. They added that workers know not to go into the cages. October 30, 2004 Salisbury, MD:A visitor to the Salisbury Zoo had part of his finger torn off when he approached a cage containing a jaguar. February 19, 2004/Beijing, China: A rare Siberian tiger which escaped from an animal park in China’s northeast, mauling a man on the way, returned by itself after eluding authorities for two days. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ( Associated Press, The Florida Times-Union, WjXT-TV Channel 4 ( IND ) Jacksonville ). April 15, 2004 Indio Hills, CA: Tiger escapes attacks owner. Archangel’s owner, David Piccirillo abandoned the adult cats and headed to Florida to make money off photo ops with the cubs, but was busted at a Motel 6 for not having a FL permit. “The other girl who was there grabbed a shovel and joined in and beat the tigers to get them away from her and that’s when they removed the deceased’s left arm.” Bracket was brought to Tulsa for treatment, but she died.  These tigers were later reported to be included in James Garretson’s traveling side show called Killer Cat Show which is based in Florida.  The tigers were displayed at fairs and used in photo ops with the public. Despite his father’s efforts, Mei bled to death before reaching hospital. December 7, 2004 Copenhagen, Denmark: (AP) A rare Siberian tiger was shot and killed Tuesday after it escaped from a downtown zoo by climbing over a 16-foot electrified fence in southern Denmark. Nyla had eluded recapture for more than a month last October when she escaped by pushing the door open herself. January 13, 2005 Petal, MS: A bobcat is on her way to a sanctuary. Rainforest Serval The Serval (Leptailurus serval) is a medium-sized African wild cat. Serval cats are classified as one of the largest of small exotic cats. Both tigers were later shot. This wild cat with African roots now has roots all over the world. There is a large market for savannah cats descendant from serval. After the cub bit the woman FWC ordered Cook to remove the baby tigerfrom his public petting routine while in FL. Being nocturnal, they are more active at night and have been known to jump out of fenced areas or dig out under fences. Like most other cats, they are lively and playful. Servals can be very active in play and if you bring a serval into the house, it should be in a serval-proofed cat room that doesn't have breakable objects, wires, or other hazards. In all the other states, serval ownership is illegal. August 18, 2005 Mound Valley, KS: (AP) – A Siberian tiger attacked and killed a teenage girl who was posing for photos at a family-run animal facility called Lost Creek Animal Sanctuary.  Free Online Update: 11/18/06 Lost Creek Operators Doug and Keith Billingsly cannot engage in any activity for which a license under the Animal Welfare Act is required, until 2011 according to the ruling from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.  That includes, breeding and selling, exhibiting or any public use of the big cats. Local police spent $9,000 attempting to recapture the tiger. The family-owned and operated Papanack Zoo has been breeding exotic animals and birds since the early 1980s. Further, to declaw the cat was an indication of the inherent failure of trying to keep a serval as a pet. If you look below it specifically states that ONLY cougars and larger cats are banned. October 22, 2004 Bangkok, Thailand: (Reuters) The bird flu toll among tigers at a Thai zoo has risen to 83, but the keepers who looked after them are free of the deadly disease which has killed 31 people in southeast Asia this year, officials said on Friday. February 3, 2002 Loxahatchee, FL: A woman was hospitalized in critical condition with a skull fracture after she was attacked and bitten by a 750-pound declawed tiger. He suffered head injuries, and his arm was nearly severed. Serval Cat Price. Read more. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. They are known to resemble cheetahs but have shorter tails than their larger cousins. OH: Trucks haul away 29 exotic animals. At that time, the animals were just housed in cages, which violates the Animal Welfare Act, she said. Van Straaten, a taxidermist by trade, was given a suspended fine in 1994 for trading in rhino horn. Their adorable elongated neck, very long legs, and small, delicate skull are very different than the average cat's body type. The girl was petting the lion when the lion bit her arm and refused to let go for five minutes. In 2003, a tiger at the site was euthanized after it bit a 31-year-old pregnant woman. We are investigating,” he said. The cub was purchased in OH for $1000.00 and declawed and spayed but the owner was in violation of NY license laws and the state is waiting for the cub to heal before placing her in a sanctuary. June 2003 Mead, WA: A Korean actor filed a negligence lawsuit against Cat Tales Zoological Park, a roadside zoo and exotic animal training center, after she was mauled by a white tiger during filming of a story about two of the facility’s tigers. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. As part of her guilty plea, Walding agreed to pay a $25,000 fine, cooperate with investigators probing animal trafficking and, in a unique twist, to speak publicly about her conviction at two upcoming national exotic cat conferences. February 6, 2004 Palm Beach, FL: The Palm Beach Post proclaims that McCarthy’s Wildlife Center may have to close due to lack of support. May 28, 2005 Underwood, MN: A 16-year-old girl was petting a tiger through the bars of a cage at the Arcangel Wildlife Farm when the tiger bit her finger and clawed her hand. Dracula ran past Tom Cahall, who helps Wells on the farm, and when Cahall grabbed for the cat’s nape, it bit Cahall’s arm, requiring stitches. November 20, 2004 St. Augustine, FL: (AP) A 14 year old boy was mauled by a 450 lb tiger that was being walked on a leash at the St. Johns County Fair by the cat’s owner, Curt LoGiudice, owner of the Catty Shack Ranch at Jacksonville. In the wild, they are solitary and cover a home territory of 4 to 12 square miles. January 24, 2002 Gentry, AR: Two animal handlers at Wild Wilderness Drive Thru Safari were attacked while transferring cougars between cages. They often play with their food before eating it. September 8, 2004 Trenton, MN: An employee was seriously injured, with wounds to his face and arm, by a leopard at the Acadia Zoological Park. (duh) “The hunter claimed it just stood there about 10 feet away from him,” he said. Health Commissioner David Rosebrock said Craft grabbed the cat’s tail to prevent it from attacking his mother. May 15, 2002 Romania: A 3-year-old girl was mauled by a 9-month-old lion tied up outside of a shop. March 10, 2005 KIEV: An Amur tiger at Kiev zoo mauled a keeper to death who mistakenly walked into her enclosure.  Servals are the best hunters of all of the exotic cat species; making a kill about 90% of all attempts. “Getting a tiger to release when it’s semiconscious is quite challenging. February 1, 2005 Winfield, IN: Video and still pictures of the animal aren’t clear enough to determine what it is, Davis said, but the tracks show it’s a feline. Servals use their sight and hearing more than their sense of smell to find their prey. The lion was shot and killed by four police officers armed with handguns and shotguns. March 5, 2004 The Star: The SARS corona virus initially jumped to humans from the weasel-like civet cat and other exotic animals. Servals make a variety of noises or vocalizations: a high pitched cry to call other servals, growl, a spitting noise, purr, and more. Yost has been repeatedly cited and was fined $2,000 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act-including failure to handle animals in a way that ensures public safety and the welfare of the animals-after one of his chimpanzees bit someone. December 18, 2005 Zoo tiger kills man who was fleeing arrest. December 29, 2001 Leona, TX: A 6-year-old boy was taken to the emergency room after being attacked by a tiger at the Perrydise Exotic Animal Ranch. “I was transferring Zeb, who I bottle-fed when he was a baby, to my traveling van to go to an educational program for some Cub Scouts in Camden . The child’s finger received 42 stitches. December 12, 2003 Marion County, KS: A sheriff killed a second tiger at Chris McDonald’s private menagerie when the animal became aggressive following the killing of his companion. April 28, 2003 Russia: Two lions escaped from their cage, which had been left open, and killed a circus trainer. 0 Likes  All four tigers were killed on site. Whole prey should be offered but do not be alarmed if your serval eats so fast that it regurgitates everything right back up due to clogging its throat. June 11, 2005 Lima, OH: Perry Township resident Bradley Craft, 33, was attacked June 11 by his 3-year-old, 160-pound pet mountain lion, Niko. This was the second known mauling at the garage. Marcus Cook was also charged in this grand jury indictment for his involvement. These cookies do not store any personal information. She was spayed and declawed and trailed a chain, adding to the theory that someone illegally kept her as a pet. The ruling also alleges that the Billingslys did not allow officials with the Agriculture Department’s animal inspection service to inspect the operation on four separate occasions from September 2004 to January 2005, months before the Siberian tiger attacked and killed Hilderbrand. They also were ordered to get rid of all animals subject to the act. 2006 Update: The U.S. Department of Agriculture filed a complaint against Pearson and the L&L Exotic Animal Check it out! The city was sued for 3.5 million by the victims of the wreck.  The circus was restrained from bringing their big cats and elephants to their next gig. The girl required 110 stitches and three months of therapy. A park was sealed off and 20 police officers and veterinarians searched for the tiger, using a tranquilizer gun to recapture her. Kittens with 65% wild serval … November 30, 2005 Delmont, SD: A declawed mountain lion was shot by a hunter.  That indicates the cat probably was raised in captivity. Dean King, who owns Spartacus, had said that the cat … Having the longest legs of any cat (in proportion to their bodies), servals are agile jumpers as well as experienced diggers. One common veterinary emergency for servals is swallowing foreign objects, which can become lodged in their throats or difficult to pass. September 22, 2002 Quitman, AR: Four African lions, believed to have escaped from a nearby exotic animal farm, were shot and killed after running loose for several days, terrifying residents. He suffered only minor bite wounds, unlike the innocent lions, who were anesthetized and quarantined. Free online. A 10-year-old Columbus-area boy got too close to a Siberian tiger that bit him Knox County Sheriff David Barber said.  Panther Ridge has 16 large cats, including Amos, a black leopard, and Eros and China, two spotted leopards. Do not leave small children unattended outdoors,” said a Los Angeles Department of Animal Services statement. See more ideas about serval cats, serval, wild cats. 16.30.010 Definitions. November 3, 2002 Guatemala: A leopard with the King Gitano Circus attacked and killed a 2-year-old girl after she wandered near the animal’s cage. An outdoor enclosure needs to be completely fenced in on all sides with a top and the sides should go down a few feet deep into the ground, A simple dog run will not suffice.

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