About Gunz N Ink

GunzNInk.com provides current news and features related to Ink, Tats, Paleo, Crossfit, Body, Mind, and overall awesomeness.

The overall goal for GunzNInk.com is to reach 1,000,000 people every month.


FelixFigFelix Figuereo is the the editor in chief gunner of GunzNInk.com. A serial entrepreneur, Felix launched and managed multiple web-based businesses – but his passion is in Crossfit and Paleo lifestyles. When not writing for GunzNInk.com he manages Nicasio Design & development a web design and development firm founded in 2007. He holds an MBA in Media Management and is an adjunct professor at UOP.

wpid-psx_20140312_024358.jpgKevin Ringling is the Founder and Co-Editor for GunzNInk.com. Having 15 years of experience working in many facets of social media and losing friends and family to gun violence, a mother to cancer, combined with his passion for fitness and tattoos, gave him the vision of GunzNink in 2010.With a love for health and tattoos, his body has become the canvass of his life which motivated the launch of the company in 2014. When he is not writing for GunzNink, he is a role model for youth, inspiring and encouraging them to further their education and helping them learn that there is more to life than the streets.

Atiyana Ringling is the Executive Editor at GunzNInk. Most likely, she’s the one reading your emails. She grew up with a love and appreciation for all things health, wellness, and ink and is excited to bring that passion and her knowledge of the English language to the site. She studies English at Baruch College, CUNY, runs her own publication, How to Save the World, and freelance edits for up and coming artists in an ever-changing world.