Featured Tattoo Model: Brii_Tatted Washington, DC

01/20/2016 by Kevin Ringling

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BriiTatted 6

First, Last Name: Brii Tatted

Location: Washington, DC

How many tattoos do you have: I have 27 tattoos that mostly have to do with Egyptian and Greek mythology.

How old were you when you got your first tat:  I got my first tattoo at 19.
What is your favorite and least favorite tattoo: My favorite is my Harley Quinn tattoo on my left leg, I don’t have a least favorite.

How did you tats: My artists are @tatted_lo @pearisj @snoop247  = Instagram Names
What do your tattoos mean:  My tattoos, mostly have to do with Egyptian and Greek mythology The Phoenix on my hip represent rising from the ashes, the Sphinx on my inner calf represent the Protector of all things sacred, and a gypsy on my lower leg represents my constant need for adventure!

Social Media:

IG: Brii_Tatted

I would like to become one of the biggest African American tattooed women in the world. I’m working on becoming a legend in the Ink World!

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