Featured Tattoo Model: Cocoa – North Carolina

01/09/2015 by Kevin Ringling

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Cocoa MainFirst, Last Name: Lauren Falohun aka Cocoa

Location: From ATL but I live in North Carolina

How often do you work out: I workout 5-6 times a week.

Are you a certified personal trainer:  I am a certified personal trainer, but am a College basketball coach right now so I’m currently not training at the moment.

What type of works do you do and what are your daily routine:  I usually do a 3 day body part split, twice a week.. Performance style workouts, so high intensity.

Which gyms do you go to: I am currently using the student center on campus since I live in a small city but usually la fitness.

What does your diet consist of: Grilled/baked chicken and fish/ veggies/ potatoes/ broccoli.

Do you have any tattoos: Yes, I have about 16 tattoos I think.. Several collages so I don’t know how to count those lol.

How old were when you got your first tattoo:  I  was  a sophomore in college when I got my first tattoo.

What is your least favorite tattoo and why: My least favorite tattoo is the one on my left wrist, because the ex I was getting it wit didn’t get her matching one. So I wish I didn’t get it

What is your least favorite tattoo and why: To be honest, I love all my tattoos. I do love the Dreamcatcher tattoo I just got 2 weeks ago

Social Media

Instagram: focusedpassion_3

Facebook: lauren falohun

What do you want the world to know about your gym life: I want the gym world to know women can do anything. There isn’t a certain look a woman in fitness has to have to still be sexy. And by my big page women can do anything just as well if not better than men 🙂 we can defy all odds as well. And that it takes hard work, dedication, and sacrifice for what you want


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