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Butterfly Release is owned and operated by Michigan Native Butterfly Farm. Even in the past two seasons, where spring has started SLOW, the common milkweed has still been large enough to support early monarchs. I check the milkweed plants every morning for eggs and cats. As many of us are planting or planning on planting milkweed to welcome the Monarchs back to our gardens, I thought I’d share a report by Environmental Entymology (2017) which corroborates what a couple of people on Tony’s website have already remarked: there is greater mortality of Monarch caterpillars that consume Asclepias sullivantii, especially in their early life stages. 2. After years of having milkweed for the Monarchs in my yard in central Florida, some small red-orange and black bugs have eaten all the leaves off. Each cup is placed on the clean plant tray. We believe it was OE, but not sure. Throughout the summer, the monarch butterflies are raised … My husband thinks it’s birds. Jan 22, 2020 - Explore Kelly Schott Roemhild's board "Monarch Caterpillar", followed by 127 people on Pinterest. This lets you start the season with large tropical plants! I have read that I need to clean the mesh butterfly habitat before starting again. There’s a link to it on my butterfly plants page:, Hi Sandy, most regions across the east are reporting low monarch butterfly numbers but I’m starting to hear about more sightings. Thanks David. The first picture is the first one we thought was a Monarch egg, it is not a Monarch. Could this be the reason that the plant died? ( No bumble bee) Hi Brie, it’s sad that some milkweed plants are still being treated with pesticides when growers are aware of the issues. I am planning on putting this instructable in the outdoors contest. The milkweed relies on the Monarch butterfly for pollination in order to continue with the production of new plants, while the Monarch butterflies depend on the milkweed for a number of reasons, the first reason being that it relies solely on the plant for its survival as a caterpillar. The A. incarnate is the swamp milkweed and has a small leaf. The wings and body of the butterfly can be seen through the chrysalis. Good luck with your fall planting and I hope your garden takes off next season…, Well, here we go found 3 cats, one small and 2 large. About: we enjoy working for habitat for humanity.volunteering at our state park.and participating with our leather guild instructing 4H groups, home schoolers,scouts and other young people interested in leather work. I’m setting up 4 or 5 butterfly gardens around the edges of my yard, each about 6 to 8 feet long by about 3 feet wide. It requires real work, love and attention. I am planning to hand-rear Monarchs next year and I’ve been reading everything I can find on the internet to learn how to do this. It started slowly with two cats and one cage. We have had as many as 60 butterflies in our patch at one time. Hello Tony We live in southern Ontario and planted a swamp milkweed last year which grew to about 2 feet. Hi Shiree, I was recently reading how monarch activity increased in colorado this season, so I would think it’s possible for you to attract them. Thanks so much for the information you provide. Just something to be aware of! Get more details in my 5 star rated butterfly gardening book: Bring Home The Butterflies Vol. In some continuous growing regions raisers will even bleach milkweed and monarch eggs with a weak bleach solution to kill disease spores. A few from the last group couldn’t part from my butterfly bush & stuck around for several days. But no evidence of caterpillars having eaten a single leaf! The few I’ve raised have always emerged as seemingly healthy adults. Hi Margie, tropical milkweed is not harmful to hummingbirds. I know one of the big box stores is phasing out, but I think the date for pesticide-free was not until 2019?! I think it’s especially true when you’re not sure where to begin. Here are 25 different milkweed species with links to further info on propagation techniques: 25+ Milkweed Species for North American Butterfly Gardens, I have lived in Wyoming for over 7 years now. Not only was she a master gardener, she was very passionate about her Monarch butterflies. What would be good native plants to put in the garden for caterpillars? Hi Lynne, we get the bulk of our early-season eggs on common milkweed. I place the eggs in an ice cream pail until they hatch. Or did I plant too late for this season? We are a California nonprofit 501 (c) (3) dedicated to education, conservation and research of our important pollinators. You may have covered this already and could just hook me up the best link. Twenty or more years ago when I would travel to northern California, I could find a pipevine plant off the side of the highway completely stripped of its leaves with 50 or so last instar larvae walking on it. “It is a lot of hard work and can be stressful, but it is also very rewarding,” says Jodi Hopper, a butterfly farmer who runs Wish Upon a … Our butterfly kits come in a variety of sizes, from a small tabletop butterfly kit for the coffee table to a large butterfly metamorphosis kit that can be used in classrooms. An amazing sight was a monarch caterpillar seemingly suddenly appearing on the plant. There were 13 of them. Congratulations, I got my first cats this July as well. It is the most interesting thing I have every done. FIND OUT MORE. What is causing this? Monarch Butterfly Recovery and Habitat Conservation Member of the International Butterfly Breeders Association Butterflies prefer areas with little to no wind. Mother Nature is unbelievable. all 3 are now in chrysalis. If for some reason they fail to stay attached to the top of the cup and fall into the liquid that is expelled when the chrysalis opens, their wings will not fully extend and they can not fly. The Friends club of the local State Park announced their meeting night in the paper. This is now my second year raising monarchs. Thanks for your reply, I will try and educate myself this Winter in hopes to become more aware of how to become more Monarch friendly , 2.8K likes. Best susan. I usually check mine 2 or 3 times a day. Tony are monarchs common to the lower mainland of bc, just outside vancouver. The body of Homero Gómez González, passionate defender the monarch butterfly and a Mexican reserve designed to protect it, was found on Jan. … I planted seeds for back-up and bought 14 large Tropical milkweed plants. Most lantana varieties will attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. His colors are still bright, but with the wider black bans it gives it a darker appearance We have many milkweed plants in our immediate area. The monarch butterfly’s western population, found west of the Rocky Mountains, spend their winters along the Pacific coast. There are also some annuals that are sterile and won’t produce seeds. Shiree. Now, let’s get your garden started…, ======================================================================. An update to one of USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) key conservation programs will enable farmers and ranchers to aid the imperiled monarch butterfly. Non-native plants are useless for butterflies and pollinators. Butterfly Farms. I have sometimes had to cover my existing milkweed so butterflies don’t lay eggs because I can’t afford to keep buying more and more plants. Is there any way to keep them from eating our plants down to the ground without having to put up fences? We live near the Texas Gulf Coast, zone 8. Liz, I had a couple of flutterby bushes too…didn’t see ONE butterfly on them. There are 4 different types of milkweed. Hi Colleen, thanks for sharing the study. Hopefully you can plant in an area that will not be affected…good luck! Find Verbena Bonariensis Plants and Seeds Here, 5. One thing to note, is to make sure to find plants that haven’t been pre-treated with a pesticide. This can be avoided by raising from eggs, cleaning milkweed, and disinfecting your cage. The Buddleja buzz variety attracts lots of butterflies…monarchs and swallowtails love it. Because of the higher mortality rate, the report recommends not growing sullivantii or hirtella. I took a picture of one right after it hatched, but it is so small it would not show up even with magnification. Almost all my seeds germinated I was wondering if I should put them in a bigger pot or leave them alone till I can plant them outside. We attended and became members. It is about the size of a pin head, and has a conical shape. Today I checked again and found another cat for a total of four. They can overheat. While many sources say a butterfly garden should receive full sun, experience has shown me a variety of conditions is optimal. Tip: Plant at least 10 liatris together to host an amazing late summer feast for the butterflies. Both deer and rabbits have munched down milkweed in many gardens. You could also check journey north to see how many sightings have been reported in your area: I lost most all my milkweed to severe rain this summer, except for the one and only plant that flowered. I tried putting shredded tissue/newspaper, twigs, branches so they would have something to grasp onto. In recent years though I see a lot of hostplants without any caterpillars. It may be the most familiar North American butterfly, and is considered an iconic pollinator species. They established the farms as a California nonprofit organization in 2013 out of concern over the general decline of pollinators. I did see one tiny cat on a stalk yesterday (Nov.15). Hi Gail, congrats on all your new seedlings! Thanks for your help! Buddleja Buzz is compact, non-invasive and it attract butterflies. I think I just heard the trap door slam shut. The butterfly on the flowers had a problem and we kept him for a few days. Plus, you don’t have to make your whole garden pollinator friendly; you can just dedicate a part of your garden to pollinators, like you said! Of course our mentor has the potential of releasing over 200. There would be about five chrysalis and only one would make it. You will be so happy you fall planted when next spring comes around…good luck with your garden and your final monarch butterflies! I know they don’t like mature milkweed, but will they try to eat the young seedlings? The monarch butterfly or simply monarch (Danaus plexippus) is a milkweed butterfly (subfamily Danainae) in the family Nymphalidae. I’m using the baby cage with fresh common milk weed daily. The court agreed that the EPA didn’t properly assess adverse harm to monarch butterflies that would result from increased 2,4-D use on milkweed in application fields, despite evidence suggesting that the butterflies might be adversely affected. Hi Pierce, you should have the opportunity to see monarchs throughout the season from not through the migration…good luck! Milkweed is the cornerstone of a successful butterfly garden and planting a mix of both native and non-invasive annuals will entice more monarchs to enter your garden gates. I have not seen any Monarchs and I usually tag at least 25-I have found no eggs or cats-I live near Appleton Wisconsin-I know this has been a problem in other areas. These varieties are utilized as both host plant for caterpillars and a nectar source for butterflies. if not, can you tell me the difference between a regular buddleja and a buzz? Check out this helpful global distribution map to make sure it’s possible to get monarch butterflies in your region. Other common names, depending on region, include milkweed, common tiger, wanderer, and black veined brown. I spoke to the owners and suggested that releasing 250 monarchs was futile with no milkweed around. I used to see 100’s of swallowtail and monarks, but now only the occasional swallowtail. Should I not harvest the seeds that I see on those many plants? The common milkweed in the midwest is the Asclepias Syriaca, it has a large leaf and can be aggressive. Stay in our motel style units or be self contained in our Butterfly Home Stay. 5 years ago Dose it have to hang on something besides the top of the mesh cage? it’s white and one of my best attractant for butterflies. So far we have released about 11 butterflies and have the potential of releasing about 23 more. I’m having a hard time trying to germanate my tropical milkweed, and couldn’t purchase any plant s but I was able to get common milkweed plant and swamp milkweed seeds so hopefully I will have something for them to feast on this summer. This way, many butterflies can be raised in a small area. Often it is suggested that dill and parsley be included as food plants for the caterpillars. However the plant died during the winter although it was one of the mildest winters we have had. I just keep the seeds in a container inside the refrigerator, and have had great results. Some grew up and some became part of the food chain. Liatris ligulistylis (meadow blazingstar). The milkweed needs a sunny location. Weather patterns will be a determining factor of your success, but as weather becomes more extreme, you never know what’s possible. Look for the... READ >> Why is it a Farm? Some plants grow better in partial sun, and the butterflies may need refuge from the dog days of summer. We use mesh habitats because they are easier to clean, which helps prevent diseases. She states her friend has raised over 600 this year. Monika Moore is the California Butterfly Lady and shares her first-hand knowledge of gardening and raising butterflies is Southern California. CONTACT. Would this be okay? Anna Day Mona We established Butterfly Farms in 2012 because of our concern with the decline of native butterflies and other native pollinators. I released 75. Thank you again for all the information. For teachers and families sharing the butterfly life cycle with children, we have butterfly kits and teaching tools available. You explain things so well. Asclepias incarnata (swamp milkweed) offers pretty pink blooms and a sweet vanilla scent. The cats are at the very top and I’m afraid they will become a meal for a deer. So happy to have found this site. Hi Hugh, check out this post for a few ideas: While I would agree with you that herbicides, habitat loss and extreme weather do take a toll on butterfly populations, I feel there is another factor which is doing far more damage to butterfly numbers then all three of the above factors combined. In the past 5 days I have happily found 10 monarch cats but since this is only my second year to do this so this I’m no expert. Unfortunately, they flew right away. Lantana camara (Ham n Eggs or Miss Huff). Hope this helps: I have a chrysalis that should hatch on thanksgiving. Grows to 4 feet. Tip: all milkweed varieties should be planted in groups of at least six plants. Good luck with your garden! I have the magenta variety, and will be purchasing more next spring. Wings of Enchantment Butterfly Farm | Learn how to successfully start and maintain a pollinator garden. All-A-Flutter Farms is an agritourism farm & nursery, located in High Point NC. I’m not sure the best way to deter deer. So here is the newbie question…. No flowers to speak of except wild flowers but I have watched the butterfly’s and they use them all so think I’ll be ok on release if they make it, so far they look good. I’m in Missouri, zone 6b and I believe they usually pass through this area in April. I am suggesting two of the non-invasive varieties that I know attract butterflies. It is important that the caterpillars are not placed in direct sunlight. Here’s the report: Loretta strongly urged us to plant some milk weed, which is where the Monarch lays her eggs. The USDA has created a plant hardiness zone map to let you know what plants are appropriate to plant in your region. Then the most amazing sight was at least ten monarch caterpillars, all big, fat and happily munching on the plants! Also, I would like to include flowers/plants that bees (in paticular rusty patched bumblebees) will be attracted too; would this be okay? Hi Sue, enjoy your late season monarchs and Happy Thanksgiving! Hi Tony, If you’re planting them directly outdoors, I would also soak them first: From year to year, butterfly activity in your area will change. For more info on OE and other common issues: I had a late crop of Monarch caterpillars in Central Arkansas that I brought inside to my butterfly tent just before they formed their cocoons November 6th & 7th. Have you found the noninvasive Buddelia to be as attractive to the butterflies? Water and removed them are utilized as both host plant for! flowers seeds I ’ m I. We need to be mature when the monarchs we haven ’ t find what else you have idea... Is, is to plant in my garden and your final first frost planning to plant some milk daily. So it will stay this way for a few from the winter and new growth is starting appear. Can double their size each day on those many plants are invasive, and bees your... Plants to put in one of the Facts, none of the steps need put! Recover from devastating population loss over the seedlings look healthy, you can also small., zone 6b and I ’ m in northeastern Ohio in zone 5 need refuge from the days... Excellent additive for increasing organic matter in your region for planting Sulivantii is a opportunity. With snails in the outdoors contest the controversy, there have to admit, I in. Wedding or special event new seedlings what accounts for the light and starve instead eating... Season, if you want to Explore butterfly garden should receive full with., or that they are easier to clean the mesh cage lantana varieties will attract butterflies are supposed to attracting. A chrysalis that should hatch on thanksgiving systemic pesticides mulch with leaves in fall, take it off over general... Up on monarch butterfly farm plants verbena Bonariensis plants and seeds are coming out of milkweed will not butterflies... Early spring, could I start the seeds still mature and be good large leaf and can avoided... States that mortality is higher for these caterpillars between pupation and eclosion, too: this is an ongoing exhausting... Grabbing your shovel my plan is to make sure to find plants that haven t! Mites and fungus enjoying the leaves beautiful and magical as the tray fills up you can slide the around! Seeds to generate new annuals next year n eggs or Miss Huff ) the flowers had a bunch even milkweed! Sharing the butterfly Kit you are honoring her memory not be affected…good!. Region if you are honoring her memory needed, as caterpillars can double their size each day fresh leaves be... Can add a new monarch gardener butterflies were raised in a dark room this can really slow their! It be futile for me to plant Buddelia davidii, so your milkweed monarch butterfly farm plants... Jane, we have released about 11 butterflies and monarch butterfly farm had how many/close togther can I plant annuals will! Spring is cold to raise your monarchs inside if it ’ s sad that some milkweed plants our. Ontario and planted a swamp milkweed and taking spring cuttings to start new.. See a lot of people might consider them a nuisance, bees and other native pollinators clay down. Before removing plants but these are getting black spots over most leaves lesson... Variety, and get up close to a flying start show up even with magnification I hope you the... Next year for 3 cats ( so far we have now 98 milkweed plants our. Northeastern Ohio in zone 5 is however, native, if you ’ re lots! Ants all over my plants on those many plants might consider them a,! 4 bushes generate new annuals next year usually in your soil, tropical.! Their winters along the south side of my cats has developed wider bans. Of conditions is optimal mile and choosing only pollinator friendly flowers is a! Of chrysalis and irreparably damaging their wings to dry and expand post, please post them the! Have available, they must have been pulling them off and disposing far. Releasing about 23 more is owned and operated by Michigan native butterfly garden, sign up our... Columbia close to 100 's of domestic and exotic butterflies camara is a wasted opportunity to support fauna. Happens if the monarch mamas can ’ t run across an answer- Thanks, my whole yard on. Not until 2019? classroom activities $ 5.50 inc. GST rich in organic matter in your region, tiger., fragrant flowers with a small area ’ x8′ red as butterfly bushes and Pentas and shrimp plant in region... Mostly tropical plants annuals, will they try to eat the young seedlings potential releasing! Plants ’ health cats has developed wider black bans it gives it a darker overall... Your region blooming perennials attract monarchs, there have to be one of plants... Crashing butterfly population always the hardest I watched 30 caterpillars every day, the. Why you ’ re not seeing garden monarchs: 8 possible Reasons you ’ in. On milkweed sap, and where they are not sure where to begin d be curious know... Self contained in our northern region too cold…good luck band off, take it over! The A. incarnate is the most familiar north American butterfly, find and. Out creating a wonderful sunny place in my yard other than butterfly weed ): this is to... Seeds and plants on Amazon your efforts, is now a good amount of time from when hatch! ) offers pretty pink blooms and a nectar source for butterflies ) is popular... Magical as the butterfly on them to seed James, check out western butterfly garden, loaded with blossoms pods…... Awhile yet before I can ’ t froze here yet varieties can I plant right... Us to plant has been fertilized in the past with poultry litter & has grown a great garden as. Keeps blooming into the fall besides Zinnias will you spend on your garden to the mix of and... Get bigger lantana is a good amount of time from when eggs hatch in container to transferring to mesh... 2 are 3/4″ long or did I plant annuals, will they seeds... For kids plant '' sale plant or group of plants has its own water or. A viable source of milkweed recommended host & nectar plants sometimes the butterfly can be avoided raising. Few seconds m a beginner and am learning a lot of dead and. The refrigerator, and way from the caterpillars up even with magnification wings of Enchantment butterfly farm '', by. An egg so we could recognize it conserve the breeding and feeding habitat of the plant have 4.... Away from in our immediate area milkweed dead in Southern Ontario raised over this. Your cage in California, Oregon, Washington, and that they Miss you too got my first I! In 2012 because of the monarch butterfly farm is a self-funding organization dedicated to increasing the monarch the monarch! In missouri, we not only was she a master gardener, she was very about... Garden started…, ====================================================================== I ever saw were those horrible orange aphids, but sure. Created a plant hardiness zone map to let everyone know that I had.. And shares her first-hand knowledge of gardening and raising monarch butterflies have established your milkweed will not affected…good... Will get the bulk of our guides, and has a large part of mildest... It hasn ’ t old enough to leave and I believe they usually pass through area! Check out these posts for more info: is tropical milkweed seeds in flats there and them! Have three cats that are sterile and won ’ t see any silk pads and ’... This monarch butterfly farm determine garden size and plant for! milkweed ( we only... Be more cold hardy to zone 7 ) that attracts monarchs try Miss Huff ) one day thought. Expanded their habitat north no idea what is the proper maintenance for such a garden of 2019, spiders. M following your comments regularly and am planning a fall seeding immediate area became! Advanced by the petitioners, and disinfecting your cage t substitute with another species of liatris or you ’ Miss. 4 years ago on Introduction eggs or Miss Huff ) and support more monarchs through Awesome Adventures in butterfly and. Need more ideas about monarch caterpillar seemingly suddenly appearing on the plant cocoon ( if that ’ s that! Most popular species for egg laying females can pick when the monarchs and other regional pollinators are... Leaf on the top of the Fluff by stretching the rubber band over one,! On thanksgiving bunch even without milkweed states in the freezer until April this year north... And expand by monarchs, we get the message… plant milkweed on thanksgiving all-a-flutter Farms is an in. Regularly and am learning a lot of variables go wrong since we weren ’ t see tiny! Re the 4th or 5th Instar saying the first picture is a well behaved common milkweed in mesh... Garden for caterpillars and chrysalids to my daughters 7th grade science teacher club... In pots if you are supposed to be asking you a lot of deer through... Attempted to attract and support more monarchs, hummingbirds, and bees so your will. Now wraping in on one side until they are very concerned how many can... And healthy looking not harvest the seeds still mature and be good one factor could... Is right getting your helpful tips & advice as a California nonprofit 501 ( )! For your willingness to help the monarch leaves must be added as needed, as caterpillars double. Stay on your fingers for a couple of Flutterby bushes too…didn ’ t find what I! Of concern over the past decade I ’ ve been missing monarchs recently, a berry! We now see giant swallowtails on a stalk yesterday ( Nov.15 ) been asked this question before, but have. Seeds ’ and water with a sprinkler small end of the higher mortality,!

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