Personal Trainer Feature – Mike TeamBodyRight Thompson – Charlotte, NC

03/12/2018 by Kevin Ringling

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First, Last Name: Mike Thompson

Location: Charlotte, NC

How often do you work out: 6 days a week.

What type of workouts do you do and what are your daily routines: Owner and operator of Teambodyright personal training- Hiit workouts and Strength training.

Which gyms do you go to: I train at my facility and a couple commercial gyms.

What does your diet consist of: I maintain a high protein low carb diet.

Do you have any tattoos and if so how many: I have 14 tattoos.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo: I got my first tattoo at 18 with my pops.

What is your least favorite tattoo: My least favorite tattoo would be on my left chest of a angel … just horrible quality.

What is your favorite tattoo: Favorite would be on my right chest …. my 1st company logo.

All Social Media: teambodyright

What do you want the world to know about your gym life: My gym life is, “No excuse is worth me not reaching the goals that I have set for myself jav 1080p because I’m inspiration to others that follow me is too valuable.”

My training facility is for everyone of all levels of fitness, all expertise of training, and it’s a gym like no where in world.


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