Personal Trainer Feature: Raymond Moye Charlotte, NC

12/29/2020 by Kevin Ringling

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First, Last name: Raymond Moye 

Age: 28 

Location: D3 Fitness, 10610 Metromont Pkwy, Charlotte, NC, 28269 Suite 109 

How often do you work out? 5-7x a week, this includes recovery workouts (recovery is very vital to me and out clients) 

What type of works do you do and what are your daily routine? My workouts are based on full body movements with small variants of isolation movements. That also includes a warm up and cool down. I wake up early in the am and focus on my day (write out the things I have to do, then head to train), I eat on a schedule to ensure I’m able to get nutrients throughout the day. 

Which gyms do you go to? I mainly workout at my gym, unless I’m doing a basketball workout for cardio 

What does your diet consist of? My nutrition is open, I enjoy all of my foods and it’s not too restrictive which allows for me to achieve and KEEP my results without crushing my sanity lol. 

Do you have any tattoos? I do not, I suffer hypertrophic scarring so it’s not the most ideal occurrence for me to do so since my skin is so sensitive via scarring and repairing itself after trauma. 

If so how many? n/a, I would have gotten my arms full sleeve and chest completed though.

If you could get a tattoo what would it be of? I’ve always wanted something symbolic, similar to what African and Native tribe members would have. 

Links to your social media ex. ig, FB, etc.:

Instagram: Raymondmoye__ and @D3forever__, Facebook: Dream Dedicate Dominate 


What do you want the world to know about your gym life? D3 Fitness is a Holistic gym where we practice what we preach. There’s no gimmicks, no fads here. We are here to ensure you and teach you about yourself and how to become the best possible version of yourself via health and wellness so you can expand the same concepts and mindset for other endeavors of your life. 

Feel free to be open about anything. I appreciate the opportunity of be able to present this information and what we do on this amazing page. It’s always great connecting with other great individuals. We’d love for you, the team and anyone to come in and check out a class and/or session with us. The first class is always free here at RESULTS U (our other nickname haha)

Any tips, pointers suggestions for anyone looking to work out. The main thing in the beginning is consistency. Do what you can do consistently and work your way up. A lot of people try to focus on intensity too quickly and that tends to lead to the greatest amount of failure for most people. For example, it’s best to start with walking 5 minutes a day for some people (understand your starting point will be different, and that’s ok, BE THE BEST YOU!), while others maybe able to start with running a mile a day and others can start with a full scheduled gym program. The main thing is getting consistent with the proper habits then adding more and different variations. 


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