Tattoo Artist Feature – SkinWerks – Carrollton, Ga

02/16/2018 by Kevin Ringling

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First, Last Name: Craig Foster

Shop Name & Location: Skinwerks Tattoo, Carrollton ,GA. ( 40 miles west of Atlanta.)

Contact info: c[email protected]

Instagram: @skinwerks

When did you start tattooing: I had my first tattoo done in the fall of 1992. That became my first introduction to the trade of tattooing. By the spring of 1995, “Miami”(who also did my first tattoo) would take me on as his apprentice.

Who was your first client, what type of tattoo did you do: Hmmm…First client was an old friend from High School. I did a character from a comic book (Maxx) called “Mr. Gone.”

How long have you been doing tattoos: In April of 2018, I will hit my 23rd anniversary of professional tattooing.

Describe your style of tattooing: When I began tattooing, “New School” seemed like the perfect fit for my style of drawing. The label “New School” came from the entrance of a younger generation of Tattoo Artists that seemed to have a great influence from graffiti and animated art. From there (Early 90’s), I had a lot of influence from people that I worked with. Mostly realism artists. ( Deano Cook,Cap Szumski) I would say that those guys helped me control my New School style.

Do you have any tattoos & how many: Hmmm…26- 30 maybe…

What inspired you to start tattooing: After High School…I had difficulty finding a direction. Trouble seemed to be my main objective during the early 90’s. Tattooing was the first hobby that found my attention outside of trouble. I have always seemed to be a rule breaker, and the tattooing community seemed to be a family of like minded people with similar backgrounds. I definitely felt like I belonged here!

Who or what are your influences: I have always been influenced by comic book art, and graffiti. I have always enjoyed artists like Mark Ryden, Audrey Kawasaki, Todd Schorr, Mark Ryden, Jeremy Fish, and Rockin Jellybean. Tattoo Artists from the magazine pages back in the day like : Jack Rudy, Brian Everett, Paul Booth, Joe Cappobianco, Jime Litwalk, Guy Aitchison, James and Tim Kern, Eric Merrill , Aaron Cain, Cleen Rock One, Tom Strom, ….etc…

Have you done any cover ups, how many have you done: Yes, I have done cover ups…Too many to list a number…

What do you want the world to know about your tattoo life and any advice you can give to the aspiring tattoo artist. My advice for aspiring Tattoo Artists is seek out a Professional Apprenticeship . Becoming familiar with local studios, or even those just breaking into the market by promoting themselves on social media with the support of an agency like The Marketing Heaven, is the first step. Become a familiar face. ( Not an annoying one) Get work done from the Artists that you look up to. When the time is right, approach them with a portfolio of tattoo related artwork. From there…do not give up. Eventually, an opportunity may appear. Once you start tattooing , always remember….. Being a nice person goes a long way with clients. Early on, I compensated my lack of experience ( Tattooing) with being attentive, and kind. It seems that people appreciated my attitude at the end. The tattoo, even though it lacked experience, became a great experience to remember along with that tattoo.


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