Chilisa ” Foxx” Steele

04/25/2020by gunznink1

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Tattoo Artist: Chilisa “Foxx” Steele

Nick Name: Foxx

Shop Name & Location: Detroit Inkspot

Contact info:

Best way for clients to contact you:  

For now a dm my Instagram: Foxx_2Inkedup, Facebook messenger: Foxx2inkd or if possible walk into the shop talk to me personally.

When did you start tattooing

I started tattooing during the end of my senior year back in 09’.

Who was your first client, what type of tattoo did you do

My first client was a close friend who had me do two small Chinese characters, I however don’t remember what the characters meant but I definitely remember that one cause I was nervous tattooing on someone other than myself.

How long have you been doing tattoos

About 14yrs now and counting.

Did you ever doubt yourself? If so, who or what have you the confidence:

Yes, quite often I’ll still doubt myself but what gives me the confidence to push through is reminding myself that I’m capable of doing whatever I set my mind to and just breathe.