Jamal Joseph

07/26/2020by gunznink1

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First, Last name: jamal joseph


Location: New york

How often do you work out? 7 days a week (no days off)

What type of works do you do and what are your daily routine? I consider myself a hybrid fitness professional…i do everything in order to achieve a total level of fitness, meaning i not only hit the iron like a bodybuilder for aesthetics but also like a power lifter,explosive athletes and one trying to reach a level of muscular endurance as well…I do all types of cardio except what comes easy to me….i never do whats easy ..only what is difficult or hard for me,for example treadmill versa climber and rower,never the elliptical…i focus on only weaknesses because you’re only as strong as ur weakest link so if u strengthen the weakest link you will b unstoppable …I swim,yoga,gymnastics(what my body allows),field work,yard work(cutting down trees,heavy wheel barrel carries)etc

Which gyms do you go to? Sparta gym in westbury,ny

What does your diet consist of? Im gluten free so my diet consists mainly of protein and veggies and usually try to eat my dense carbohydrates before and after my workouts… after many years or being over weight and trying many different diets to see what works this style has worked very well for me..

Do you have any tattoos? i have a full sleeve into my shoulder on my right side and a small tat on my left shoulder

If so how many? 2

How old were you when you got your first tattoo? i was 17 years old when i got my first tattoo

What is your least favorite tattoo and why? my least favorite tattoo is part of a snake thats on my right forearm because it doesn’t look the way i expected 

What is your favorite tattoo?hands down my angels are my favorite parts of my tattoos

My main goal as a trainer and for myself is to help people with not only physical goals but to help them with life in general…may it be health related…mental,social,psychological or physical…the gym helps me in all those areas so i would love to teach everyone i cross paths with that they can also find peace while bending bars,breaking sweats,breathing heavy and damn near passing out lol!!!


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